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Resolution GA15-6d Task Force

Following the rising concerns of members divesting units with active complaints and the total withdrawal of the RSPO membership during an active complaint, a resolution entitled “Discouraging RSPO Members Subject to Complaints from Avoiding their Obligations by Divestment or withdrawing their Membership” (Resolution 6d), was tabled and subsequently adopted at the 15th Annual General Assembly on 15 November 2018. 

A Task Force was established in June 2019 to address the above concerns and to ensure that the above measures are looked into and implemented. Some of the key roles of the Task Force are as follows:

  • Engage a consultant to conduct a legal assessment to identify how the above concerns can be addressed within the RSPO system; 
  • Review and consolidate the findings of the legal assessment;
  • Pursuant to the legal assessment, to assess and endorse a set of guidelines on the following:
    • Proposed incentives and procedures that would discourage divestment or self-suspension of operations subject to complaints;
    • Proposal for graduated sanctions on any RSPO members, which act in violation of this requirement.
  • Report to the Assurance Standing Committee on the above, for final endorsement by the Board of Governors.




Membership Sector
Marcus Colchester Forest Peoples Programme Environmental NGO
Clara Melot Zoological Society of London Environmental NGO
Surina Ismail IOI Berhad Oil Palm Grower
Muhammad Arif Widjaksono Golden Agri Resources Oil Palm Grower
Peter Van De Werf RSPO Complaints Panel  
Samantha Bramley Standard Chartered Financial Institution


Name Designation
Hazman Naim Sr. Executive - Grievance