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Peatland Working Group 2 (PLWG 2)

RSPO’s PLWG was first established under Workstream 2 of RSPO greenhouse gas working group 2 in response to a motion agreed at RT7 in November 2009, to provide guidance to improve yields in existing oil palm cultivation on peat and to address issues related to GHG emissions, subsidence and other impacts that affect the potential sustainability of oil palm cultivation on peatlands.

The WG had successfully produced two key documents:

  • RSPO Manual on Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Existing Oil Palm Cultivation on Peat; and
  • RSPO Manual on Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Management and Rehabilitation of Natural Vegetation associated with Oil Palm Cultivation on Peat.


RSPO PLWG-2 recently convened to update guidance produced by the PLWG (2010-2012) and provide additional guidance in relation to RSPO P&C 2018. The WG has its first meeting in March 2017 at Kuala Lumpur to develop its workplan towards achieving the overall objective of the group and expected outputs. The WG will meet once every 4-6 months until the completion of its tasks at the end of December 2019.

For members please use the table below:


Substantive Members

Alternative Members

Growers (Malaysia)

  • Jason Foong (KLK)
  • Joshua Mathews (IOI)
  • Arif Sugandi (AAR KLK)
  • William Siow (IOI)

Growers (Indonesia)

  • Lim Sian Choo (BGA)
  • Gotz Martin (GAR)
  • Desti Hertanti (GAR)
  • Fanny Roussel (SIPEF)

Growers (Rest of the World)

  • William Unsworth (NBPOL)
  • Shahrakbah (Sime Darby)
  • Sim Choon Cheak (Sime Darby)

Social NGO

  • Jason Hon (WWF)
  • Wida Nindita (Sawit Watch)
  • Riza Harizajudin (Sawit Watch)

Environmental NGO

  • Faizal Parish (GEC)
  • Dato Kheizrul Abdullah (Wetlands International)
  • Mohd. Faizuddin (GEC)
  • Almo Pradana (WRI)

Palm Oil Processor and Traders

  • Chin Kaixiang (Bunge Loders Croklaan)
  • Julia Lo (Musim Mas)
  • Feber Antarisu / Surya Purnama (Wilmar International)
  • Burhanuddin Ismail (Bunge Loders Croklaan)