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Indonesia FPIC Task Force

Indonesia National Interpretation Task Force (INA NI TF) established to develop a clear guidance as annexes to INA NI to ensure Indonesia growers and millers can comply with P&C requirements and effectively operate and get certified.

The Indonesia FPIC Task Force (INA FPIC TF) was formed with the aim to develop and publish practical guidance(s) to all palm oil producers, and other stakeholders on how to implement the FPIC process within Indonesia and to ensure that the guide is in line with the country’s law and regulations. The guidance will also provide guidelines to companies to conduct and evaluation and/or reconsider their past FPIC practices and understand if there is (any) gaps between their current practices, their significance and impacts.

The guideline will also help the relevant stakeholders understand and document conflicts between past and current FPIC guidelines, and accepted industry practices in Indonesia.

Task Force Members

Emil Ola Kleden (Co-chair)

Deddy Kristanto

Fransiscus Didik

Hendi Hidayat (Co-Chair)

Fadly Jufri

Feybe Lumuru (Facilitator)

Agustinus Karlo LR

Putra Agung

Yunita Sidauruk

Rukaiyah Rafiq

Jamartin Sihite


Cahyo Nugroho

Triyanto Fitriadi

Jalal Sayuti

RSPO Secretariat

Salahudin Yaacob

(Technical Director)

Djaka Riksanto

(Technical Manager)

Kamini Vivasnanthan

(Social Manager)

Terms of Reference & Code of Conduct

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