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Assurance Standing Committee

In 2018, RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the RSPO Theory of Change (ToC) with the overall vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

In March 2019, the RSPO BoG subsequently endorsed the RSPO Governance Review for ‘Reorganisation of Standing Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups’. The Assurance Standing Committee (ASC) was established to provide direction in contributing to the credibility and accountability of the RSPO Assurance System.


  • To oversee and provide necessary recommendations and/or guidance to the implementation of the RSPO standards;
  • To develop and institute a transparent and robust system for monitoring the quality of assessment;
  • To identify all necessary actions to ensure robust assessment, verification and certification against the RSPO standards;
  • To institute a transparent and enhance the quality of the RSPO Assurance Systems;
  • To identify the relevant stakeholders required to deliver the identified actions and to deliver the outputs as identified by Assurance Standing Committee.


* final structure to be determined


List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

ISEAL - This represents the ISEAL Alliance global membership association for credible sustainability standards.

ASI - Assurance Services International: accreditation body appointed by RSPO to accredit Certification bodies that conducts RSPO Audits

HCVRN - High Conservation Value Resource Network: a member-based organisation that strives to protect High Conservation Values in areas where the expansion of forestry and agriculture may put important forests, biodiversity and local communities at risk.

HCSA - HCS Approach Steering Group Secretariat: A platform that developed a methodology designed to achieve no-deforestation including refining its definition, its objectives and its relationship to other approaches to halting deforestation.

SEIA - Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

NPP - New Planting Procedure

FPIC - Free, Prior and Informed Consent

CB - Certification Body

P&C - Principles and Criteria

CP - Complaints Panel

DLW - Decent Living Wage



Name Organisation Membership Sector
Agus Purnomo (Co-Chair) Golden Agri-Resources (representing the Indonesian Growers Caucus) Indonesian Growers
Michael Guindon (Co-Chair) WWF Singapore Environmental NGO
Lee Kuan Yee Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (representing the Malaysian Palm Oil Association) Malaysian Growers
Vacant TBA Growers RoW
Vacant TBA Smallholder Group
Paula den Hartog Rainforest Alliance Social NGO
Paul Wolvekamp Both ENDS Social NGO
Marcus Colchester Forest Peoples Programme Social NGO
Emily Kunen Nestlé CGM
Hugo Byrnes Royal Ahold Delhaize N.V Retailers
Olivier Tichit Musim Mas Holdings P&T
Michal Zrust Lestari Capital Financial Institution

Independent Leads

Name Organisation
Bilge Daldeniz The Proforest Initiative
Shinta Puspitasari The Proforest Initiative
Claire Reboah The Proforest Initiative


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