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Samantha Bramley

Environmental and Social Risk (ESRM) Management, Director

Samantha is a Director in the Environmental and Social Risk (ESRM) Management team at Standard Chartered Bank. She works with clients operating in a range of sectors known to have potentially significant environmental and social risks and impacts to ensure that projects are undertaken according to the highest international standards and best practice approaches and comply with the banks own environmental and social assessment criteria. Samantha’s areas of expertise include social and human rights impacts and she has been heavily involved in driving SCB’s modern slavery and human rights agenda. She has over 20 years’ experience in ESG which spans a range of industry sectors, with a focus on agribusiness and palm oil. Samantha has been a key member of the RSPO Complaint Panel for the last two years and is an active member of the Financial Institutions Task Force. She was also a taskforce member for the most recent revision of the RSPO Principles and Criteria.